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Educational Support Services

The ESS office has secured sponsorship for the award of best community served student for the 2015 graduation ceremony.

All interested students are therefore required to submit their names together with details of what they have been doing for their communities.

A committee, represented by various departments will be set for the best student to be selected.



It is a book specially designed to capture details of trainings received here in this University, at workplace or workshops outside the University.

It helps to coordinate the internship of students by providing a platform for students to record details of training recived while on internship.

It helps the ESS to appraise the performance of students and submit the results for final grading

It helps to ensure that students acquire the necessary workplace experience/job practice before graduation



Upon graduation, all students will be required to submit a self written biography, both soft and hard copies to the Educational Support Services. Since the University operates an Alumni office, these details are captured and stored for future purposes. The documents below will guide you to write a good autobiography for the office.