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Immigration Issues & Permits



All international students must have passports from their governments before they can enter the country.



Students arriving in Ghana from ECOWAS Countries are not required to obtain visas since Ghana is a member of the ECOWAS and subscribes to the protocol on free movement. Non-ECOWAS students however, require a visa.


Residence Permit

  • Residential permits (renewable annually - students are to submit documents for visa and residence permit to the international desk 21 days before the expiry date of your visa/ residence permit) are processed by the office when International Students have fully registered. The process to attain this is as follows;

Step 1: Procure your non-citizen card

Register with the international students’ office (ISO) for non-citizen card.

Step 2: Gather the following documents

  • A copy of admission letter
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • Latest school fees receipt
  • Copy of non-citizen card
  • Passport

NB: All these documents are to be submitted to the ISO together with Residence Permit and Application Form for further processing.