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Regent Psychology Association Organises ‘Career 101’



On the 25th of November, 2016, the Regent Association of Psychology Students (RAPS) held a Career Talk for students, under the theme ‘Unlocking the Job Market’, at the Multi-purpose Hall.

Experienced resource persons with backgrounds in different fields of psychology enlightened students on what their careers entailed, offered tips on how to cope in different working environments, and provided information about scholarship opportunities available to students.

The resource persons also offered career planning tips, for those who were unsure of what career paths to pursue. The speakers included Dr. Evelyn Owusu (Head of the Psychology and Human Development Department at Regent and a Clinical Psychologist), Mr. Seth Oppong (Human Resource Psychologist), Miss Fredricka Agyapong (Behavioural Psychologist and Co-Founder of Broadview Clinical and Social Services) and Mr. Prince Atorkey (Clinical Psychologist)

Present at the program were students from various disciplines. Participants had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with the speakers.  

“The Career Talk was not only highly educative, but also inspiring. It is our hope that organising programmes like this would better prepare students for the job market and also provide an avenue for them to network and find mentors in these professionals” said Richard Badan Tamme, President of the Regent Association of Psychology Students.



Sharing her views, Onyebumuo Dennis Vivian, a Level 400 student said, ‘I understood and saw psychology differently after the career talk, I got to know psychology is diverse and is needed in every aspect of life. Also, I was motivated to depend on one income stream, but rather strive to start something for myself, work hard, persevere and expand my horizons, as gaining experience is as essential as theoretical knowledge”.

“It has always been thought that psychology which is the most pervasive discipline offered very few job opportunities for professionals in the field. The career talk was an important exposé on the amazing prospects that await us as psychologists in the making”, Oatah Paul Ose, a participant in the programme remarked.

The programme was free to all students and sponsored by Databank, Life In the Globe Consultancy and Eldskillful Consult.

The executives of RAPS are grateful to all who helped make the program a success through their support.

-Written by Dzifa Seake-Kwawu, Secretary, Regent Association of Psychology Students

The Regent Association of Psychology Students is a student club at Regent for students enrolled in the BSc. Human Development and Psychology degree programme.