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Regent Alumnae Becomes First African Woman to Receive World Status in Security Management



Mavis After Receiving Award


On May 29, 2018, the International Center for Executive Security Training (ICEST), presented the World Certified Professional Award to Mavis Yaa Asare who graduated from Regent University College of Science and Technology in 2011, for being the first woman in Africa to achieve a  World Certified Professional status in Security Management.


This status was conferred on her, after successfully completing an intensive 6 month Chartered Security Professional course and attaining outstanding results in the Chartered Security Professional examinations.


The Chartered Security Professional, is a credential conferred by The Chair and Fellows of World Certification Institute, with the consent of the Certification Board upon the recommendation of the International Center for Executive Security Training (ICEST).


The World Certification Institute is a global authority on occupational certification, headquartered in the USA.


"Mavis Yaa Asare, has attained the skills, competencies and professional practices consistent with global standards and assessment specifications and is hereby granted the award of a World Certified the field of Security Management", her certificate reads  Mavis, is the CEO of Cardinal Security Services, a fast growing private security company in Ghana.


"This recognition is a dream come true", said Mavis. "I've always wanted to make a positive impact in my field of work. It is an additional sense of responsibility to live up to the expectations of such a recognition."


"Being in a male dominated industry, gives me the added opportunity of inspiring and empowering women to believe it's possible to succeed in industries with low representation of women", she added.


Mavis With Co-Panelists At Global Visions Community Conference