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Summer Short Courses






Developing Products and Services using Marketing Research: Data collection and analysis (SPSS software)

May 29 - 31, 2017

Course Overview

The globalization and technological advancements have forced firms to be global and market-oriented. One of the ways of becoming market oriented and developing relevant products and services is to discover consumers’ current and future needs. Thus, the goal of the workshop is to impart the essential analytical skills to participants to conduct applied market research to discover customers’ needs, and accordingly use the skills to develop new product and services. Specifically, the workshop is designed to help participants become market oriented by analyzing customesrs’ needs (current or future), developing products (consumer or industrial), and positioning (branding or re-branding) them strategically for competitive advantage for intended markets (local or global).

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Customer Relationship Management

March 13 - 15, 2017

Course Overview

How does your company view its relationship with customers?  Does it, in fact, have any views at all?  Corporate critics have argued that many companies have either taken their customers for granted or act as if they do – this is, however, not true with many successful companies.  Successful companies focus rather closely on their customers through Customer Relationship Management.

Focusing on the customer and developing a long or lasting relationship with the customer is the objective of Customer Relation Marketing (CRM).   CRM seeks to retain customers, regain lost customers, and even win new customers, not only by delivering value, but by ensuring that the relationship with customers is one that is mutually beneficial; that is the relationship is a-two-way-street, instead of one.

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Finance for Non-Finance Managers

March 20 - 22, 2017

Course Overview

For an organization to work effectively, it is important for everyone to move in the same direction, but more importantly, all the functional managers must speak the “same language”.  These truisms have been supported by anecdotal evidence and rims of academic studies.  Nonetheless, it is not unusual to find “non-finance and non-accounting” managers who “speak” little or no “accounting language”.  How can they also be “on the same page” if they do not speak a common language?

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African Studies Program in Ghana

Course Overview

The objectives of the 10 days exchange programme at the Regent University College of Science and Technology is to give opportunity to international students to learn more about Africa in Africa, by not only visiting the historical, cultural places but also taking lessons focused on Africa.  The Regent University African studies program is unique. It does not only highlight the history of Africa and its people but it also projects the effects of such history on the present economy and the development of the continent of Africa as a whole. Presenting an intriguing curriculum, interspersed with opportunities to experience the issues raised in the lectures, students/participants are fully exposed to what they should know about the African continent through their experience of Ghana.

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Church Management

May 8 - 12, 2017

Course Overview

The Regent University Certificate in Church Management is designed to meet the empowerment needs of Ministers of the Gospel who want to be empowered personally, be current with developments in Christian ministry, be part of the global ICT development in Church Management, and enhance their pastoral skills.

The Department of Theology, Ministry and Pentecostal Studies has distinguished itself as a theological educational unit focused on excellence in theological and ministerial formation for diverse ministries in and out of the church on the African continent. With innovation, Discipline, Excellence, Appreciation, and Speed as our core values, the programmes ran by the University are world-class. The same principles are inculcated in the design of the one week certificate course.

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Emerging Trends in NGO Leadership and Management

Course Overview

Since the 1980s, NGOs have participated in the development of their nations especially at the rural/community levels. In addition, NGOs have participated actively in public/social policy formulation and implementation in various countries through advocacy. In Ghana, the onset of HIV and AIDS also led to proliferation on many NGOs as the need to mitigate social and economic effects became necessary.

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Accommodation arrangements

Participants who require accommodation can choose from any of the three (3) listed facilities:

  1. Ridma Management Centre (Bethel house). This is about 10 minutes’ walk from the University. A room per person per night is 200 ( breakfast inclusive).
  2. Sylvia’s hostel (one person in a room is 120, two (2) people in a room). The hostel is five minutes walk from the University. Cost is breakfast inclusive.


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