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International Students' Office

Regent-Ghana has a thriving international Student population. The university offers real world learning and experience to students.

Our aim is to provide our students with top class international experience and help them to develop their skills to ensure they succeed in their careers. You don't only graduate with a degree but also a profession. Regent-Ghana is located in the heart of the capital city of Accra, Ghana.

Regent-Ghana training is for the total person, MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

The International Students’ Office is an office set up by the university to look into the interests of non-Ghanaian students. The secretariat is saddled with four basic assignments, among others. These are:

Orientation: Students are taken through orientation concerning life in the school, Accra, and Ghana as a whole. They are exposed to intensive programmes that increase their understanding of other cultures, communities and languages. They are again helped to integrate naturally into the host country, immersing themselves in their local communities and surroundings as a child would.

Accommodation: Students are exposed to types of accommodation available, and their rents. The secretariat often goes into partnership with hostel and private residence owners on the students’ behalf, or links them with the owners.

Welfare:The office ensures that immigration issues are promptly attended to.

  1. It also sees to it that students receive needed medical attention, by directing them to the university approved hospitals/clinics.
  2. The office again collaborates with the Academic Board to ensure that school time tables are planned to suit foreign students who must travel to their home countries, especially during festive holidays like Christmas and Easter.
  3. It further ensures that foreign students are linked to places where their staple foods can be obtained.
  4. The office collaborates with firms or companies to facilitate internships for foreign students during the summer holidays.

Spiritual Welfare: The university’s concern for foreign students, as in the case of nationals, is holistic. Besides preparing students for the award of academic degrees, the university is also concerned with the spiritual welfare of its students. The secretariat therefore provides one-on-one counseling sessions with students and organises spiritual empowerment programmes and seminars for them from time to time.
These and many other matters, as may arise from time to time, are considered by the office.

NB: Further information can be obtained from: +233-204588333 / +233-243912169 / +233-277588333 / +233-264912169 * Skype: akuffo10